Head Harness is made with durable nylon neoprene. The Head Harness builds power and strength in the neck and shoulders. Don’t leave out these critical muscles from your workout. Altus athletics is the name in gym accessories. Workout with the best. Most women would agree that a strong, thick neck is what makes a man look sexy. But that’s not all, a skinny neck can let down your physique and ruin symmetry.

Head Harness is good to give your neck a great workout, making it stronger and well built. Remember to fit this head harness before every workout for your neck to grow thicker in proportion with the torso. In boxing a strong neck can prevent you being knocked out, by preventing brain shaking.

The Head Harness Builds Power And Strength In Neck And Shoulders
Special neck trainer made of Leather
Neoprene padding in order to avoid bruises
Stainless steel chain
Adjusts for every head size